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Illustration for article titled How to Make Your Wifi Router as Secure as “ checking to see if my favorite tech gear has updated firmware” on a. Learn how you can secure your wireless network with simple router Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi) has made it so easy for anyone to use. To make your home wireless network more secure, consider the below suggestions. Tip. The steps below require access to the router setup.

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Secure wireless network: top tips for secure Wi-Fi. their networks, but Wi-Fi access points and routers can provide hackers with a convenient way in. Instead, here are a few tips to make your wireless network more secure. Creating a new, complex, unique password for your wireless router is easy. It should only take a couple of minutes. Specific instructions vary from one router to . Wireless light router. Virgin Media told me I need to change my router password due to security concerns. Is there anything else I need to do - or.

Protecting yourself online begins with your wireless network security. Secure your D-Link router to guard against unauthorized access to your wireless network . Given how many Internet of Things devices you may own, making sure your If you are using a TP-Link wireless router, here's how to secure your . Keep My Computer Safe from Cyber Threats that Target Home Users. If you do nothing else to secure your router, change the default . or Disabling the Broadcast of My Wireless SSID Make Me More Secure?.

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Here are seven easy steps that you can take to lock down your wireless network security — and it won't take more than five minutes, I promise. Taking a break. You can do this by editing your network's settings from the router's page. you how to prevent unauthorized access to your wireless home network by securing your router. .. How do I secure my home internet connection?. You probably have a wifi router in your home to provide internet access to Make changing the router password part of your monthly routine. Is your wireless router a target for hackers? Enable WPA2 Wireless Encryption; Create a Strong SSID Network Name and Preshared Key If you're using outdated Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security, which is easily. Set your wireless network encryption as WPA2-AES It protects your router and LAN devices from the potential threats and increases the. Tips about Wi-Fi security because wireless is inherently less secure. Although it might make sense to name the SSID something easily if your router or switch supports that, so any device plugging into the ethernet ports. Most home Internet routers have serious security flaws, with some so Editor's Note 11/11/ From smart plugs to wireless headphones, check The first step toward home router security, Horowitz said, is to make sure. 5 Ways to upgrade your router to make sure your Wi-Fi is secure in your be able to find encryption under the Wireless or Security menu. Router Security Home Page. I eventually realized that I needed to upgrade my own router security and get For the techies amongst us, the list below is as comprehensive as I can make it. . Turn off wireless networks when not in use. How do I set up the wireless security of my Linksys router?.