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Robert, Earl of Loxley, originally a noble, became known as Robin Hood, an outlaw in 12th century England. He was the leader of a band of thieves known as . Synopsis Edit. Clara is offered the chance to choose the next destination for herself and the Twelfth Doctor. They go and meet the English folk hero Robin Hood. In Sherwood Forest, the Doctor uncovers a sinister alien plot and forms an alliance with Robin Hood. With Nottingham at stake, the Doctor must decide who is.

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Robot of Sherwood is the third episode of the eighth series of the British science fiction One of the images of the Robin Hood myth that the Doctor shows to the real Robin is that of Patrick Troughton in the TV series Robin Hood, the. If Robin Hood is a robot, as the Doctor insists, then are the Merry Men as that the episode attains some clarity, as Robin Hood and the Doctor. When it was announced that Doctor Who was doing a Robin Hood episode, there was a suspicion that the character would be treated with a degree of.

In the world of Doctor Who, Robin Hood is a myth, but he's also a real historical figure. Or is he? For this season of Doctor Who, Ross and. Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Action and adventure in Sherwood Forest! Robin has his eyes on a target See all galleries from Doctor Who (). 'Robot Of Sherwood' treated us to a lighthearted storyline, pairing The Doctor with Robin Hood. The episode was full of Errol Flynnesque.

Ok, well if Robin Hood is real, can we get Batman on Doctor Who next?. Given how many times the Doctor's been to Atlantis and met some version of the Minotaur, it's kind of amazing he's never met Robin Hood. “No damsels in distress, no pretty castles and no such thing as Robin Hood,” yelled the titular Timelord as Doctor Who (BBC One) landed in. 'Doctor Who's' Mark Gatiss on Robin Hood Chapter: A Light-Hearted Romp. He also talks to THR about 'Sherlock' season four and 'Game of. Tom Riley has admitted he would love to reprise Robin Hood in a new episode of Doctor Who. The Da Vinci's Demons star played the mythic. I gotta say -- when I first heard that Doctor Who was doing a Robin Hood episode, I audibly groaned. I'd been longing for the. Far too much time was spent on the Doctor and Robin Hood attempting to out- banter each other. No one cared. Then there was the Doctor's. After last week's shrunken unpleasantness, it is time to take a trip to somewhere less Daleky. Clara has a hankering to meet Robin Hood. But the Doctor does not . The Doctor asks where Clara wants to go in time and space, and in a legitimate fangirl moment, she says she wants to meet Robin Hood. The Doctor meets Robin Hood in 'Robot of Sherwood' but soon discovers this romp through Sherwood Forest isn't as merry as it initially seems.