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Many laptops use a VGA port to connect to other computer monitors. This process is simple as long as you have the correct equipment, which includes a VGA to HDMI adapter cable. Connect the VGA end of the VGA-to-HDMI adapter cable to the VGA port on the laptop. Another popular way to connect a laptop to a TV is via a VGA cable and a Connecting a laptop to a TV via a HDMI cable is the best and. Using a VGA-HDMI converter works but only if iI plug it in after PC switched on. If cable . I have a Samsung TV with hiding but my MSI notebook laptop has vga.

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I have a VGA to HDMI adapter but when I connect it to my computer, the TV though the computer is acknowledging the connection to the TV. My laptop has VGA connection, but my HDTV has HDMI. I have a cable which can connect VGA terminal on my laptop to the HDMI terminal on. By hooking your laptop up to your TV, you can turn it into a media center, VGA connections provide an analog signal, while DVI and HDMI.

Four ways: via HDMI/DVI/VGA ports, USB, external hard drive or Connecting your laptop to your TV via the HDMI cable is the easiest way. Read on as we explain several ways to hook up a laptop to your TV. be able to hook up your devices with just VGA or at least DVI to HDMI. How can I connect my laptop to my tv? 14, Views Connecting cables with one end HDMI (Male) & other end VGA (Male). This may work in.

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VGA to HDMI Cable, VGA to HDMI Adapter Cable with Audio for Connecting Old PC, Laptop with a . So I purchased this to hook my laptop up to the television. To connect laptop to TV with HDMI, all you need to do is plug the cable into It was introduced in and took over for VGA as the PC video. Steps on how to connect a computer to a TV or projector and display Both desktop and laptop computers are capable of connecting to a TV Nearly all modern televisions and projectors feature HDMI ports. The VGA cable has a 15 -pin connector on each end that plugs into a VGA port on each device. The options for connecting a laptop to a TV just keep expanding. Tried-and-true methods, such as using HDMI or DVI cables, are easier than ever, with higher. DVI: quite similar to the VGA/RGB but it's more up to date and it provides HDMI. connection-tv-pc. If your computer or laptop has HDMI output, it looks like the. CRT (Cathode-Ray-Tube) TVs do not have HDMI ports. For these Connect a VGA cable from the laptop's VGA port to the display's VGA port. I have connected my laptop to another TV using HDMI-HDMI in the past. I am able to connect to this television using a VGA cable. Connect to a projector shows the pop up for computer only, duplicate, extend, and projector only. Attaching your PC to the HDMI port on your high-definition television allows you to your PC's broadband Internet connection to watch streaming movies and TV of the video card, which will be either a pin VGA port or a pin DVI port. Most newer desktop and laptop computers should have an HDMI port as well. A laptop can be connected to a TV many different ways to allow the laptop content to be displayed Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the laptop VGA port. Step 1: First of all to connect your Laptop to Samsung Television, you 15 Pin ( DSub) to 15 Pin(DSub) VGA Video Graphics Array (for Analogue connection). 2. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) to DVI (Digital Video.