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This is the Libertarian Purity Test, which is intended to measure how libertarian you are. It isn't intended to be any sort of McCarthyite purging device -- just a. Somewhere between 30 and 40 million Americans hold libertarian views. Are you one of them? Take this quiz and find out just how libertarian you really are!. I got the idea for this quiz from an article. and Fiscal Libertarian, and altered Minarchist to LP Partisan; and Libertarian Socialist to Anarchist.

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My friend Wes at The Humble Libertarian put together a neat list of quizzes that you can take on the internet to gauge where you fall in the. This free online libertarian test is delivered to you free of charge and will allow you to ascertain the extent of your political sympathy towards the libertarian. So you think you might be a libertarian, but what sort? Take this short quiz to find out where you fall on the spectrum.

So you're not a Democrat or a Republican? Good news, you don't have to be either! Take this short quiz to see if you might be a Libertarian. Are you a libertarian? Minarchist? Anarchist? Conservative? Classical Liberal? Take our quiz below and post your results to share with your. When you are trying to make up your mind about a political issue, do you more often look for sound logical reasoning or strong empirical.

Are you in favor of a strong, centralized government? Or perhaps you're more a fan of civil liberties and a stripped-down approach? Go ahead and take this quiz . This Politics selector, a free online personality quiz, is a creation of AngryLibertarian and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and. Take this short quiz to see whether you might be a libertarian, and whether you should vote for Gary Johnson this November.

Since he was elected to the Senate in , Paul has brandished his libertarian- leaning credentials as a way to reach out to a younger and. What general philosophy describes your politics? Take this political quiz to find out!. Are you an anti-government libertarian or a big government authoritarian? Find out with this simple 10 question quiz!. You don't focus much on specific policy and are more interested in debating moral arguments for libertarianism, calling people statist over the. See where you land on the World's Smallest Political Quiz. As libertarian philosophy gains popularity in response to the repeated failures of government, we need to define which type of libertarians we. The answer is why the Libertarian Party is the fastest growing party in Take The World's Smallest Political Quiz to find out where YOU fit on the political map. Today's query actually is a request, not a question: “Take the Quiz and Tell Us How Libertarian You Are?” Libertarian Quiz At first I thought this. The Definitive Political Orientation test. The Circle test. The Libertarian Purity test. The 8 Values test. But if you don't like taking quizzes, you can. I've taken several tests and quizzes on political philosophy. Not surprisingly, I usually wind up being some type of libertarian. The Definitive.