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If you haven't updated to iOS on your iPhone 3G you can find iPhone 3G firmware files here. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (AT&T only) will support iOS. The 3Gs can run the current version of iOS (). The 3G The 3G reached end of life quite some time ago. It will not get any further updates. We try to update this unit but only upto Based on the forum we could try to update it upto ios 5 since the accessibilty under general option.

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Get Apple iPhone 3G support for the topic: Software update for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Find more step by step device tutorials on Install iOS 5 on iPhone 3G & 2G or iPod Touch 1G/2G with Whited00r 5. i updated my iphone 3g to whited00r 5 but it shows firmware. Hello all! i have an iphone 3G () please show me how to update the new It will go to version that is the newest it can handle and that.

No,you can't update the the iOS to iOS 5 in iPhone 3g. The highest supporting operating system of iPhone 3g is iOS(Apple. The iPhone 3G and iPod touch G2 () get the update, but don't get All in all, the iOS upgrade is no big deal for iPhone 3G users. I have an Iphone 3g spare in the house but realised that it is on IOS I really need to know whether it can be updated there must be a way.

Apple's iOS 5 software offers some pretty awesome features that to enjoy the iOS 5 update because their devices just aren't compatible. Well. Sometimes, like in the case of the iPhone 3G and iOS 4, it pays to research other people's experiences before you upgrade so that you don't have any problems. Download the latest Apple iPhone 3G device drivers (Official and Certified). Apple iPhone 3G drivers updated daily. Download Now.

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A number of iPhone 3G users have experienced their iPhone 3G Slow After iOS Update, resulting in a significant degradation in. You can use iTunes to update or restore iPhone or iPod software. Apple recommends updating iPhone or iPod touch to use the latest software. The iPhone 3G is a smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.; it is the second On November 22, , the iPhone 3G received the iOS software update (as iOS ), which introduced features such as YouTube voting, and. iPhone 3G — Apple. . Update: U.K. graphics specialist confirms iPhone design win. As I write this I'm upgrading my wife's iPhone 3G to iOS 4, so I'm probably going to end up sleeping in the shed tonight: upgrading my 3G. A lot of iPhone 3G owners—myself included—have discovered that upgrading to iOS 4 has slowed their devices to a crawl. If you decide the. No, the latest available version of iOS for the iPhone 3GS is It is not possible to update to later versions or run apps that require later. Results 1 - 48 of Apple Iphone 3G AT&T IOS Smartphone 8GB Black - A device is fully functional, Apple does not currently support iOS updates for. You've updated your iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and it's reeeeeaaally slow. Here are steps for rolling it back to OS In June , Apple introduced the iOS , with limited features for iPhone 3G. In November , the iOS update introduced YouTube voting, security fixes .