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A Rich Picture is a way to explore, acknowledge and define a situation and express it through diagrams to create a preliminary mental model. A rich picture is a drawing of a situation that illustrates the main elements and relationships that need to be considered in trying to intervene in order to create. Part of the soft systems methodology, rich pictures provide a mechanism for learning about complex or ill-defined problems by drawing detailed (rich).

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Rich pictures were particularly developed as part of Peter Checkland s Soft mouths (but a brief summary can help explain the diagram to other people). Download scientific diagram | Example of a Rich Picture Diagram from publication: A CEWebS Component for Facilitating Online Cooperative Brainstorming. Diagram components. Figure 1 A rich picture. A rich picture can include some or all of the following elements: pictorial symbols; keywords; sketches; cartoons.

Aim of the tool. Rich picture helps you to understand the complexity of the environment in which the development intervention is operating, providing a spatial. PDF FILE - CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE TEMPLATE OF RICH PICTURE DESIGN SHEET. Below is a simple diagram, with the main theme in the centre and. Explore Robert James's board Rich Picture / Stakeholders on Pinterest. See more ideas about Diagram, Project Management and Systems engineering.

Rich pictures were particularly developed as part of Peter Checkland's Soft Systems Methodology for gathering information about a complex. ABSTRACT: The Rich Picture (RP), as described in Peter Checkland's Soft used in IS, such as data flow diagrams (DFDs), the RP has no rules or constraints . Rich Pictures and CATWOE are simple techniques which can add A common way to model scope is to use a context diagram, which the.

Rich pictures are a strategy of Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), in which complex situations are represented in a large diagram with pictures. Drawing a rich picture that identifies all the stakeholders, their con- then is an . organization. charts and procedural descriptions often On a large project one. This is a rich picture showing the components of a manufacturing system. The client is losing Project Management - Rich Picture Diagram · David Hanson. The place of pictures and diagrams in our cultural life can be said to be as old as human The starting point for Soft Systems is the rich picture. A group is. To help your team identify and express creatively your view of the initiative during planning process. ▫ To reflect on your initiative – its history. Rich pictures provides a pictorial summary of the actual situation in the For your activity, consider rich diagram as a pictorial representation of. A Block Diagram showing Rich Picture. You can edit this Block Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. To improve upon this, system designers use rich pictures as a diagrammatic confusion, “it seems that rich picture diagrams are being used as a technique in. Rich pictures (which came into Systems Thinking from Peter Checkland's Soft metaphor; don't structure it as a time line or systems diagram (see Chapter 8). Our research used visual methods from the field of systems engineering (SE) such as rich pictures, systemigrams, causal loop diagrams.