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Did you know Facebook Messenger allows you to plan events with your contacts without leaving the application? When a plan is created, the. Though it's very straightforward to set or delete event in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad, not many folks would be aware of it. Want to create an event in Facebook Messenger on your iPhone but don’t see any option to get it done? Launch Facebook Messenger app on your iOS. The process is very simple but still we would like to show you how you can create an event of plan with your Messenger friend.

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To create an event for a group, start by going to your group. Facebook Messenger is arguably more useful than the actual social While many of them are designed purely to make you waste more time. Facebook Messenger allows you to easily create an event. If you are looking for a simple way to do that, read on to find out.

Undeniably so, Facebook and its features have made most everyone's lives a little easier. It has eased our means of global communication and. If a Facebook Messenger thread has a date and time in it, you can use When discussing an event on the app, create a reminder directly from. The ability to set reminders using Facebook Messenger definitely The reminder feature allows you to set an event reminder which is into Facebook Messenger, you don't need any extra apps to make it work, which is nice.

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If you are using Facebook Messenger a lot, then you would love to know that there is a hidden feature in messenger that lets you create events. The reminder feature in Facebook Messenger does not depend on Select the Set an Event Reminder option in the list to create a reminder. 3. Facebook Messenger: Get the dark mode in just 3 steps; Facebook Messenger: From now on, already sent messages can be deleted. Facebook wants to make it easier for users to share events and coordinate with friends before an event starts. The company this morning said it. You cant Send a Invite VIA Messenger you can Invite people to the Event but you cant do it Through Messenger Go to the Event that you want. By Carolyn Abram. Your group may be based around an activity, so Facebook makes it easy for people to plan events for group members, whether it's a game of. This is all you need to do to set a reminder. It will appear in the conversation thread as an unamed event. You can tap the reminder in the. People are able to create events easily without them getting lost in group chats because I would call FB Messenger a success story in terms of event planning. Facebook Messenger is adding a digital assistant that can help you make plans with friends or send money to other people. If you are using Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone, then you can create an event for your various needs smoothly and you don't any.