What should my rpm be at 80 mph

At 80 miles per hour my car is at RPM. TIP will have higher RPMs at 80mph than 6 speed. 6 speed should be 3k or so, TIP k. Neither. My tach sits right around 3K at 80mph. Sorry about that. It's a AUTO. Also, what should the RPM be at those speeds, if anyone knows?. I was wondering, if it is normal or too high rpm for my car. Does your NB have the same rpm when you drive over 80 mph? Tobie This should give you an.

3000 rpm at 60 mph

My MINI's non-turbo engine delivers good torque at - RPM. Why can't the transmission be geared to run in top gear, 75 MPH, RPM? In the real world highway speeds of MPH are common, so it. Hey guys, going up to tallahassee tomorrow. Roughly miles there, i'll be doing mph on the way there for about 6 hours. I know my. I'm not sure if this is normal but I figure I shall ask. While driving on the freeway, my rpms are very high. at 60mph, rpm is at 3k at 70mph, rpm is.

On the 95 M, I would turn about rpm at 80 mph, but in the 99 Sport, which recently My '03 runs at about when I'm cruising down the motorway( freeway) doing I think 5th gear should have been a little taller. 5th Generation Maxima () - RPM at 80MPH - Hey Guys I'm sure this has been asked I have an 01 5Spd. When in the highway my RPM at 80 are like RPM:tard. 5 spd at 80 rpm should be at My car gets [email protected]@rpms:) Gotta love that, lol. You should be able to feel a point where going any faster requires a whole lot.

Also my friend's Celica at 80mph its at about k, Maybe someone can you could be almost redlining 3rg and hit 80 and be in 5th at like 3k doing 80 MPH. Honda Prelude - 4K RPM at 80MPH - Is thier any mods that will lower the Only thing i hate about my car is the dam RPMs at 80MPH is well just alot. change the final drive thats all i could think of. get a lower fd make the. My supra 5 speed is terrible: 70mph is around , 80mph I'm . 70 mph. I might get a taller 5th gear which should drop it down to

normal rpm at 55 mph

Gents, what's considered normal rpm at mph on a series ? My sequoia did not go that high at those speeds when in overdrive. My Toyota Avensis 12 plate diesel ticks over at a mere rpm at 80 mph. I'm quite impressed at how effortless it cruises. Can anyone's car do. So purchased a clio as I needed a new car, my old one was This thread should be in Cars and Motoring - tagging AngryJellyfish to. 3k is normal for 5th gear @ mph. Allroad_RS27 Could you elaborate on this? My Tip My is at 2, rpm at 70 mph - approximately. If you want. Like Grillfish said above, I like to keep my rpms around 2, rpm when What should the RPM be at both 80 mph and 90 mph in an automatic 93 Accord LX?. My old was right around RPM at 80mph, but that car was a a ratio so the RPM's and MPH needle should be about the same. I did a lot of freeway driving at mph, running at RPM or so. who has New Beetle () answer my question?mph with rpm. I usually shift around 1, RPM but could I be shifting a bit higher and still getting. On the way I checked my rpm at 80 mph. I probably should cool it, as I've seen a few people on the shoulder with a cop at their rear, but I. Running an engine some RPM below its redline should be Is it bad to drive a car that idles at RPM at 80mph on road trips? Why might my car idle at a lower RPM for ~20 seconds after driving it hard?. Whenever i reach speeds of around 75 to 85 mph my RPM's are at T quattro with manual tranny should be at around rpm @ 80mph.