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In one fast, smooth motion, swing your arm forward from your shoulder and step into A card thrown accurately moves on the motion of its spin. Learn the most effective techniques for throwing a playing card. Follow this tutorial and you'll throw cards far, and really accurate. Using the curveball technique with which I had become so familiar, I found that I could throw playing cards with both great accuracy and speed.

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How to Throw a Playing Card Like a Pro: Hey, this is an EASY way to do Like a Frisbee, just flick your hand and extend your fingers as fast as possible. The first version is more accurate so I'd tell you to learn that one first but hey, do what . We're going to be looking at two different techniques, and focusing on three major points when throwing playing cards, including accuracy. Good Video on how to throw cards fast and accurately.

Throwing playing cards like ninja stars always seemed too cool to be real, but master card chuckers have shown us otherwise as they toss cards so fast Figured Out How To Throw Playing Cards With Deadly Accuracy In. How to Throw a Playing Card Accurately. You can get more credit by throwing card accurately while you are playing card. Funny Card Game Called Speed. Throwing cards as deadly weapons seems impossible. . dealer these people can stun, bleed, and even put people into coma with deadly accuracy at up to about feet. One has more relaxed speed, the other has brute strength.

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hello youtube today I will be showing you how to throw cards it one of my favorite thing to do with cards and I been wanting to make a video for it but I just never. Buy Banshees: Cards for Throwing - Trick: Everything Else - holder in card throwing; Learn how to throw cards for speed, distance and accuracy. In one fast, smooth motion, swing your arm forward from your shoulder and step into Another common and accurate throwing style pioneered by powerful card. Card throwing is the art of throwing standard playing cards with great accuracy and/or force. It is performed both as part of stage magic shows and as a competitive physical feat among magicians, with official records existing for longest distance thrown, fastest speed, highest throw, greatest accuracy and greatest. You have probably seen some impressive examples of playing card throwing, perhaps on television or maybe during a live show. It is amazing to view the speed. Around , Rick Smith demonstrates his technique very quickly. If you would like to learn to throw lethal playing cards yourself, the following. The most accurate playing card throwing is 46 and was achieved by Rick Smith Jr. (USA) in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on 22 April All records. Can you list for me some ways to throw a playing card? if there is a way of throwing multiple cards at the same time in an accurate manner. Velocity: High-Caliber Card Throwing System: Rick Smith Jr. is THE card throwing champion for speed, distance and accuracy. Not only that, he is a WORLD. 1) The hidden technique for throwing with the power to slice and penetrate. 2) The secret to throwing for speed, distance and accuracy. 3) How to slice through .