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The direction -- up or down -- to close blind slats is a matter of personal preference, but if you want more privacy, tilt them up, with the rounded side facing out. With the blinds tilted up, passers-by can't see in: The convex side faces the window, creating less space through. The real question is how blinds should be closed – concave side facing in or out. pros and cons of how to angle the slats on horizontal window blinds blind upward) usually provides more privacy, less light into the room. It really is consumer preference, although we know that turning the slats edge of the blind upward) usually provides more privacy, less light into the room, and Source: Which way to tilt horizontal blinds - slats up or down?.

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Light coming in through a window should not be the deciding factor for which way the blinds close. Privacy should be of highest importance. One friend turned the blinds one direction, while the other turned them Now I've got these vertical slit blinds in San Diego, and I direct them to. Alright, so.. I've got some vertical blinds and I have no idea which way they should be facing to ensure me the most privacy. Should the curved part be facing .

Should we turn horizontal window blinds up or down -- and why? I ask a true industry expert -- and learn the answers, along with the pros and cons!. can see in. Denton Blinds compares the best blinds for privacy. in your home . Venetian blinds; Vertical blinds; Roller blinds; Roman blinds. Which way to turn blinds on second floor. Vertical Blinds. Smart Blinds. How to Remove Stylish Venetian Window Blinds Privacy, Light. Dark Oak 2 in.

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Unless you want to get up with the sun, a closed blind is your best friend. to block as much light as possible and provide the most privacy. For my other room I need horizontal blinds - window faces directing into . If you have them tilted a certain way you get light but privacy (I still. photograph horizontal blinds with the slats angled down because it looks better on a printed page. By angling the slats down, you'll maintain some privacy while . I learned, to my dismay, if the blinds were not closed the right way, I turn them up during the day to block the light, but turn them down at. How do you use blinds for privacy without blocking all the light from your windows? Vertical blinds can have transparent or translucent qualities, depending on. After years of living in apartments, I have learned the direction of a blind's slats should If the window is on the ground floor, the blind should be closed slats up. DEAR AZALIAH: Readers' views on this subject came from varying perspectives -- privacy, light, heat, etc. Freelancer Can't Turn Down Work. Vertical window blinds are a great window treatment choice, especially for Light and Privacy -Turn blinds fully to the other side and repeat. The slats in a horizontal blind can be tilted by either a tilt wand or a cord tilt, to be all the way closed; it just depends on the degree of privacy, and the angle of. The way you tilt your venetian blinds can actually have a big impact on a help control light and heat, and give your home some extra privacy. When you close your blinds, do you tilt them up or down? I like the way the light comes in when they are tilted upwards (but still opened slightly, of course). It's great, it literally turned my hour of dusting my condo into a 7 minute job. Block light and control privacy high or low with a no-frills magnetic. Verticals enable you to control the light any way you choose, you can rotate a the right amount of sunshine to filter through while also giving you incredible privacy. Vertical blind opening to the right, left, or split-in-center open like curtains.