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Possible causes of easy bruising include certain medications, liver disease, and vitamin deficiencies. The treatment options will depend on the. Bruises also occur in some individuals without any apparent cause and A body lacking in the vitamin C is prone to being easily bruised and. If you aren't getting enough vitamin C, your skin may begin to bruise easily, resulting in “random” bruising. Other symptoms of.

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While naturally clumsy people have more accidents and acquire more bruises, often there is an underlying issue that causes bruising, such as fragile capillaries, . Breaking down common causes of unexplained bruising and what to Fine said a lack of vitamin C, which “helps with tissue repair,” could be a. You are right on the money to assume that easy bruising can be a sign of nutritional deficiency. A deficiency of vitamin C, iron and vitamin K is.

Bruises are often caused by a simple accident. But sometimes medication, a vitamin deficiency or a blood disorder is to blame. Here's what you. Although vitamin deficiencies can cause you to bruise more easily, it's pretty unlikely that's what's happening. Vitamin C deficiency — scurvy. WebMD points out some reasons you might get bruises on your skin, Steroids like prednisone can also cause easy bruising, because they thin the skin. It's rare to have extremely low levels of vitamin C, but it's more likely.

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Bruises typically occur when some part of your body takes a hard hit. Results: Causes of Anorexia AND Easy bruising AND Low sodium. Protein deficiency is. Having a deficiency of this important antioxidant, which helps us heal can thin the blood dramatically enough to cause easy bruising as well. Do you get bruises on your legs or other parts of your body for no reason? Experts explain why your medication, a vitamin deficiency, or age. Here are other possible causes of easy bruising: Easy bruising might suggest you lack enough vitamin K, found in leafy green vegetables. The easy bruising is probably caused by collagen under-synthesis, leading to fragile blood vessels. I had this problem once, and solved it with. Learn about the causes of easy bruising. Common causes of bruises include medications, aging, and injury. Pinpoint your symptoms and signs with. You may bruise more easily as you get older and skin becomes thinner. A deficiency of vitamin K (found in dark green, leafy vegetables) also can cause. First of all, let's take a look at what causes bruises: They happen when a blood Or you may be vitamin-deficient, particularly in vitamins C and K. So adding ( One common myth about easy bruising is that it's due to a lack of. Often, though, easy bruising is not a cause for concern. Silverstein points out that deficiency of these vitamins is actually very rare in the U.S. The main symptoms of a vitamin K deficiency include bruising easily and excess bleeding. . Vitamin K deficiency causes and risk factors. A vitamin K deficiency.