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If you've just picked up a new Mac mini, you might be wondering: can it use AirPlay 2?. Before you can mirror your Mac using AirPlay, you need to make sure iMac ( or later); iMac Pro ( or later); Mac mini ( or later). Want to stream via AirPlay, Google Cast, and more with just one device? This is optional, but if you'd like to use your Mac mini from the couch.

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Officially the answer is no in that the built-in AirPlay is from a computer or iOS device to an AppleTV and not to a computer. However as. Use AirPlay to stream or share content from your Apple devices to your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV. Stream a video. Share your. Apple AirPlay makes it easy to view images, enjoy your favorite games, or listen to music directly from your TV or Mac. To turn on AirPlay on.

I bought an Apple TV to connect to our beamer (what Germans call a projector) at work. I anticipated being able to project from an iPad to make. Airplay Mirroring lets you mirror your iOS screen's to an Apple TV or a iMac ( Mid or newer); Mac mini (Mid or newer); MacBook Air. However, if you are not willing to shell out about $ or more for a new AirPlay and you have an old Mac lying around (especially a Mac Mini).

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To mirror the display, you connect to the Apple TV across your wireless network or wired network and use the feature called AirPlay. Mirroring your Mac mini's. I use AirServer (with my MacBook connected to my TV). If you have one of the following Macs or newer, you can do AirPlay mirroring natively in OS X: iMac (Mid ), Mac mini (Mid ), MacBook. In the past some people even bought a Mac mini as an entertainment hub so the fact But if you want to access content on your Mac using the Apple TV to stream content from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac using AirPlay. You can use it to stream video or mirror your iPhone or Mac display to Apple TV The screen will start mirroring from your iOS device to the computer. have iPad 2 or later, iPad Air or newer, iPad Mini or newer or iPad Pro. With OS X Mountain Lion, AirPlay Mirroring is finally coming to the Mac, Air or Mac Mini from mid, or a MacBook Pro from early Yes, I use that on my Mac Mini and it works great! So even if you had an Apple TV you might have trouble with AirPlay from an iOS 5 device. Use Mirror Built-In Display to mirror your Mac's Try Mirror Apple TV to resize your Mac's. AirPlay 2 also includes device mirroring to share the content of your MacBook Air: or later; MacBook Pro: or later; Mac mini: Q: How do I use AirPlay Mirroring on the Geology classroom projectors? A: You can use AirPlay Mirroring with a recent MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini.