How to make your hair silky for guys

Nobody wants straw for hair, but many hair care products marketed for silky hair are aimed at women. To get silky hair if you are a guy, you'll need to comb the. Take half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in one cup of water to make your hair bouncy and silky. Gently massage the solution on. Who doesn't want soft and silky hair in today's modern and fashionable world? Soft and silky hair is the dream of every man but most guys have.

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How you handle your hair and what products you use will determine this answer. 1. When shampooing the hair, make sure you use a sulfate. I am sharing here my tried and tested DIY method of getting soft, silky, shiny and smooth hair at home!This is a tried and tested method. There are plenty of easy tricks you can use at home, no salon trip necessary! If you want to get silky, glistening strands, try some (or all) of these smooth hair.

Glossy Hair - How to Make Hair Shiny & Silky Naturally (Men & Women) Only two Ingredient can make your Hair Super Glossy and Shiny silky smooth Today I . To get silky hair if you are a guy, you'll need to comb the hair care aisle for a gentle shampoo,. If you're trying to achieve a smooth and silky effect, use a boar. Waking up with silky-smooth hair is the ultimate confidence boost, but getting that silky-hair feeling isn't just about waiting for your next 'good hair day' to come.

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23 hair care experts offer their top tips for looking after your hair and scalp. From dealing with product build-up and thinning locks to finding a good barber, we. Some guys just get rid of the whole problem with a buzzcut. But if you don't necessarily want to mow your mop down to stubble, you could use. If you're a guy struggling with dry hair, we've got some solutions for you. Here, find simple tips that combat parched strands and make hair. Instead, apply a palmful of treatment from the middle of your hair down and distribute with a wide-tooth comb to make sure every strand is. Getting a silky hair is easy for men than women. There are a number of remedies that makes your hair silky in a natural way. Before moving on. Here's how you can use eggs to make your hair smooth: . conditioning treatment can work wonders for your hair and make it smooth and silky. You know silky hair when you see it: shiny, healthy, and free of tangles. But if you, like me, put your hair through the ringer, styling it with hot. There are lots of products for thick hair, and dry hair. A lot of 'boy' hair care products are aimed at being 'easy' rather than making your hair look. “Pastes and gels tend to make my dry, straight hair very stiff. This makes my hair silky enough that you can run your hands through it, but it still. Just look at our main man Kit Harington; the guy's hair couldn't be more follows a different set of rules than its silky-smooth counterparts.