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John Walson Sr. (–), from Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, is recognized by the U.S. Congress and the National Cable Television Association as having invented cable TV. Cable television first became available in the United States in , with subscription services Congress and the National Cable Television Association have recognized Walson as having invented cable television in the spring of Beginning almost simultaneously in Arkansas, Oregon and Pennsylvania in , cable originally brought distant over-the-air television signals from miles away.

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Cable television originated in the United States almost simultaneously in . The digital TV transition leapt forward in , as substantial gains were made in the . One of the people credited with inventing cable TV is Robert J. Tarlton. Born in Lansford, Pennsylvania, in , Tarlton opened a radio sales and service shop . Community Antenna Television (now called cable television) was invented by John and Margaret Walson in the spring of The Service.

The early history of cable (that is the key word here — remember it!) TV is clouded in dissension. Some say it was invented in Oregon (), some say. The system was designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a year-old inventor .. By the late s and s, as cable and direct-satellite television systems. The idea came from the invention of the radio which used a transmitter to send out. Since these modest beginnings, the industry of cable television has seen a .

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Cable brings television to small and medium sized communities without early .. Television Association made it one of the most effective state. In the s, before pioneering cable TV and running his own business, Walson Walson made up his mind to use his expertise and experience to get into the. The first person who can be considered one of the cable TV founders is John Walson. He invented cable television in when he mounted. The cable that revolutionized television had nothing to do with In Chicago, a tape would be made of these broadcasts, then sent on the West. In , Mahanoy City was not exactly a booming market for television sets- and for good reason. Most televisions of this era required a clear line-of-sight from. One of the things that got me interested in going into cable TV in a large way, was the crowd that gathered in front of my store in When I first put those. Astoria man set out to do something nice for his wife, ended up inventing cable TV. The nearest TV station was in Seattle. But Ed Parsons. Cable TV invented in Mahanoy City ** Service Electric's founder first strung cable so customers would have a reason to buy a TV. It landed him. THE SEASON WAS A VERY GOOD ONE for television owners. Ed Sullivan presented “The Toast of the Town” Sunday nights on CBS, and “Arthur. In the early s, cable systems began experimenting with ways to use In some cases, this made television available to people who lived outside the range .