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How to Throw a Holiday Party (Hint: Just Add Ham) Forget about every canapé or thing-on-a-stick that you were planning to serve at your party. With 1 Martin’s potato rolls (dinner party pack size, please), 2 Dijon mustard, and 3 cornichons, your ham becomes a serve-yourself. My favorite way to serve ham, which I did for a housewarming party, was to put out little freshly made biscuits, various cheeses, jams, and. For the past five years I've thrown a holiday cocktail party and the main proteins have If I don't serve a spiral ham, will guests carve their own?.

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Serve on the rocks and garnish with orange peel. Boom! Go party. There's good reason why ham is a crowd-pleaser (and a host's BFF). Celebrate the season with a holiday cocktail party, but keep these tips in mind Setting out a holiday ham will wow your guests — it also happens to be a great Serve with good-quality potato rolls or biscuits, coarse-grain. Martha Stewart Living's Lucinda Scala Quinn and Martha show you their favorite ways to serve ham.

wedding buffet food - Platters of Honey Roast Ham. party trays ideas pictures | Party trays can be customized. Your consultant will help you. More information. Put heaping piles of food on the serving table to create a sense of abundance. Already-prepared centerpieces like smoked salmon and ham. A ham is a wonderful main dish to serve at large dinner parties and on holidays. Busy hosts need only to heat the ham on the day of the event, which means that.

When it comes to feeding a crowd during the holidays, it doesn't get much easier than serving a spiral-sliced ham. Being that pre-sliced hams. Serve a main dish guaranteed to garner rave reviews. Ham is a great The result was a ham that got demolished at the party. Advertisement. Salt Cured; Aged & Smoked; Heat & Serve; Pre-Sliced! Made from a Genuine Smithfield Ham, this extraordinary bone-in ham gets its rich mellow flavor from a.

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Please follow these instructions for the Bone-In or Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham to enhance the ease of serving and to maintain its peak flavor. Important Note If. My favorite way to serve ham, which I did for a housewarming party, was to put out little freshly made biscuits, various cheeses, jams, and. Forget about every. Slice it and serve with our soft dinner rolls so guests can make mini sandwiches, Ask your butcher for a whole cured, smoked bone-in ham from the back leg of a pig, .. I made this for a New Year's day dinner party and everyone loved it. When party day comes, you'll be able to pour yourself a glass of Christmas Crackle Ham You can serve it warm or at room temperature. Serve an alcohol-free party punch with this fresh, fruity recipe. For effortless Christmas entertaining try this 3-ingredient ham topped with a sticky orange and . Serving Sizes: Our 7 - 8 lb. Spiral Sliced Party Ham will serve 8 - 12 at dinner, or up to 20 at a party. Our 8 - 9 lb. Spiral Sliced Party Ham will serve at. The key to serving that ham warm is to reheat it gently so it stays moist and tender and doesn't dry out. This classic Easter dinner menu features ham, cheesy potatoes and our best treats and cakes. Home · Holidays & Parties · Menus · Best-Ever Easter Dinner . Once your holiday ham plan is locked down, you have the incredibly fun task of choosing which delicious sides to serve. But what goes with. A succulent ham, gammon or pork leg is perfect for a festive feast and can work as a centrepiece right through from Christmas party season to Boxing Day to the new year. Add a festive, sticky and zesty glaze to ham, then serve with a sharp .