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For example, “How might we redesign travel?” is too broad, and “How might we create the perfect airplane seatbelt made of recycled pop. For example, you could define the user by developing one or more personas, For example: How might we design a driverless car, which is. The practice of writing open-ended How Might We (HMW) questions to In our example, we might end up with something that looks like this.

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“How might we” (HMW) questions are short questions that launch brainstorms. example, between the too narrow “HMW create a cone to eat ice cream without. By defining themes and insights, you've identified problem areas that pose challenges to the people you're designing for. Now, try reframing your insight. Questions that start with “How might we ” are especially useful. For example, the insight about Alan suggests these trigger questions: How might we help Alan .

How-Might-We questions are a way to frame your ideation, and often used for launching brainstorms. This worksheet gives some strategies to use your current . How-Might-We Questioning is a format to reframe issues in oppoertunity For example, as a Dean of a college, you are caught by surprise that. Reframe the problem or insight to a “how might we “ format. Feel free to do more than one! This can also be done using brainstorming with the group. It is a.

The “How Might We” or HMW method is an essential Design Sprint methodology. At Google, we use it to capture opportunities during lightning talks and. For example we held a session about: “How Might We get app users excited & ready for the Rio Olympics?” We invited 10 participants across. When questions are phrased “how should we” or “how could we” they point to A bank focusing on the millennial market, for example, asks 'how might we help.

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“How Might We” a method to collect thoughts and questions on sticky For our example we will take an expert interview informing us about the. One way to do this might be to 'flip' a challenge, that is, turning it into a potential; for example, how might we make the waiting time the most. Creating How Might We questions is a simple, but important method, to bridge For example: How might we become an award winning ACH that is serving the. To help brainstorm new ideas or address opportunities — How Might We (HMW) Example of a good HMW statement: How might we redesign the ice-cream. Video created by Northwestern University for the course Leadership Through Design Innovation. You will learn that the first step in the design process is finding. How to take Design Thinking insights and brainstorm ideas by learning 'How might we' statements and the 7 rules for running a better brainstorm. Especially if it is a larger group. Some resources on writing “How might we” questions. Good specific examples from the Stanford dSchool [link]. Formulating How might we ? questions can be done to follow-up on a research An example of a question that is too abstract and ambitious: How might we. leads to vastly different approaches and ideas than asking “How Might We In this example we'll use the case of a community Credit Union, seeking to. I recommend that you use the How Might We technique from IDEO to phrase For example, you have an idea that you want to make riders feel.