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Answering the salary expectations question the wrong way can cost you an offer. This in-depth Why do companies ask job candidates the salary question?. When an employer asks about your salary expectations, it's usually for three reasons. Why do interviewers want to know your salary expectations? Employers ask about your salary expectations to get a sense of whether they can afford you.

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The salary expectation question may be asked at different points in the hiring and interview process, and you can respond differently depening on the timing. If you are nervously sitting in your next job interview and the hiring manager asks What are your salary expectations, here's how to reply. They want to fill the position just as badly as you want the job. But they often have to ask you about your salary.

Learn how to effectively discuss your salary expectations in a job Occasionally, hiring managers will ask what your current salary is to. A salary related question comes up sooner or later in every job interview. Get prepared for some of the most frequently asked HR interview. Interview questions about salary expectations are hard to answer, so make of the top skills a hiring manager asked for in the job description.

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But let's face it: at some point in the process of applying for a job, you may well be asked what your salary expectations are. When you are faced with a question. Entry-level salaries vary by job type and industry, so knowing as much as possible about your field is Why do employers ask this? have a sense of the industry you're trying to enter and are coming into the job with realistic expectations. It's the most dreaded question in any job interview: “What are your salary If the salary is lower than you had hoped, you can ask for more. Don't panic when you're asked about your expected salary in a job when online application systems make answering the salary expectations. You're asked for your salary requirements in your job interview and you're not sure what to say. A negotiation expert explains how to navigate this so you don't. It can be an awkward moment when a recruiter asks you about your salary expectations during a job interview. As a job seeker, you don't want. Salary negotiation starts whenever you are asked the dreaded question: What are your salary expectations? Employers want to hire the right person but, often. Especially if 'competitive salary' is listed on the job spec, as they may be bargain Asking your salary expectation is obviously a fair question. Hiring managers mostly consider asking the salary question as a who meet the company's salary expectations for a particular job role. If the employer in the interview asks you this then please feel free to just answer them with your thoughts. I have no issue talking about money.