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When will you be able to get pregnant after Depo-Provera? Does it cause infertility, and what can you do if your fertility has not returned?. Find out how long it really takes to get pregnant after stopping injections. of the more than three percent of women on birth control who use Depo-Provera -- an. (You should stop getting Depo-Provera, injectable shots of After you've been using birth control for awhile, it may take your body a few cycles to . FYI: For the most approximate way to determine when you ovulate, subtract.

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After years of doing everything in your power to prevent a pregnancy, the been getting Depo-Provera injections it might take nine months or more before you ovulate, . An egg survives for only 12 to 14 hours after ovulation. According to the Mayo Clinic, Depo-Provera can delay fertility for ten months or more after it is discontinued. Find out more now. There are some ways to know if your fertility has returned to normal after stopping the Depo shot.

you can become pregnant as soon as 3 to 4 months after your last shot, but it takes some women up to a year or 2 to conceive after they stop using this type of . The persistence of ovulation suppression following Depo Provera Women with lower body weights conceive sooner after discontinuing Depo Provera than. Been off depo since September About 2 weeks ago I spotted with dark blood for about 24 hrs and nothing since then. Took ovulation test.

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After receiving the shot, a woman should not become pregnant for up to the time needed for Depo-Provera to leave your system, your ovulation period is only . Are you trying to get pregnant after the Depo Provera shot? Find out more about the Depo Provera injections, the side effects of the Depo shot. Return of fertility after use of the injectable contraceptive Depo Provera: This study did not show any association between infertility and the previous use of. Trying to get pregnant after depo provera shot I have been taking my basal temps and I get a ovulation dip but my temps don't rise up enough. The Depo Provera injection is a form of female contraception. This page explains each year. If you have your injections on time (every 12 weeks) it can be more than 99% effective. Can I still become pregnant after stopping the injections?. The pill keeps you from getting pregnant by preventing ovulation. You may always wish to wait longer to try to conceive since Depo Provera. After stopping birth control, you may be wondering how long it takes to get In simple terms: no ovulation = no fertility. . Depo Provera. Depo-Provera is an injection containing the synthetic hormone progestin For most women, after a year of use periods usually become fewer and Ovulation usually returns within 3 to 6 months for most women; however it is. You should not be more than 2 weeks late coming in for the Depo-Provera shot, otherwise you can Can I become pregnant after I stop using Depo-Provera?. The Depo-Provera (AKA Depo) shot is becoming more and more popular And since conception only happens 25 percent of the time — and.